Farmers Market

Farmers Market

2019 Schedule

The Amqui Station Farmers Market will be every Sunday 11am – 2pm May through October.

We match SNAP (EBT) tokens up to $20 per person every week for fruits and vegetables only. Look for a sign on display at the vendor booths that accept both out BLACK and GREEN tokens.

SNAP Program

Interested in Becoming a Vendor?

Market Mission: to provide a reliable source of fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables and related agricultural products; to help foster a sense of community; to educate the public about relevant topics, including nutrition and the benefits of eating fresh foods and buying locally.

The Amqui Station Farmers Market requires all market vendors to: “make it, bake it, raise it, or grow it”. We support all of our Farmers, Bakers, and Artisans

Fill out a 2019 vendor application online or snail mail.