All Aboard!

All Aboard!

Amqui Station and Visitor’s Center

The Amqui Tennesssee Passenger Station and Signal Tower was built by the Louisville & Nashville Railroad in 1910. Typical of southern station designs found in the region, it had deeply over-hanging eaves supported by triangular knee braces, had an agent-operator’s office and baggage room, engine room, battery room, second-story signal operator’s room, and separate waiting rooms for black and white passengers.

Johnny Cash often visited the signalmen at Amqui Station during the 1970s. He acquired the old train station in 1979, saving it from demolition. Today, it has been restored for a museum and educational center. A visitor’s center and pavilion have also been added for special programs and events, such as Women’s History Month event, Tenneseee Maneuvers Reenactment, World War II Encampment & Remembrance Day, and many more!

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